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EasySleeper Cuddle Nap Pillow

EasySleeper Cuddle Nap Pillow - EasySleeper

EasySleeper Cuddle Nap Pillow

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The Cuddle Pillow. Stops arm numbness

After snuggling in a spooning position or lying on your side, right before you fall asleep, you/your partner gets a painful numb arm. Or even having a nap with your head on the desk.

Introducing the EasySleeper Cuddling Pillow! It will solve all of the problems mentioned above without the arm numbness.

Try the cuddle pillow and we guarantee you a better sleep or nap, maybe even a happier relationship! 

 cuddle pillow


How it works

Its curved shape, suspension foam layer and cutting-edge brace system help to mitigate the pressure felt by your arms, neck and spine when you sleep or nap on your side.

Also, it provides support for when in a spooning position, so the weight of your partner's head does not squash your arm or leg.

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